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«Besides having experience in production and project management, I found a passionate person, thoughtful, committed and above all a nice person to have around».
Santiago Fernandez Barrio, Director & Co-founder at DödaVänster. Through Linkedin
– «I know few people whom I can trust a job so much not only regarding professionalism but also the responsibility and quality of the final product. Belén is hard working and a demanding person, which results in a professional who adds constantly to everything she devotes herself to. Her eye for direction and her head to pour into reality what is on paper is a GIFT that surprises in each of the jobs I did with her. Belén’s most outstanding quality is the confidence she generates and her conviction to achieve whatever gets into her head».
Federico Tello, Creative Publicist. Through Linkedin.
It’s a real pleasure to work with Belén, her level of professionalism exceeded my expectations, her creativity and good attitude to understand the instructions made her work stand out above the rest. Belén has the excellent ability to solve whole jobs in a very short time surpassing customer expectations on more than one occasion. Hopefully we can work together again. Thank you very much for the time we shared together, it was a pleasure to work with her«.
Fernando Galceran, General Coordinator at Magnética Productora. Through Linkedin.
«Her professionalism, creativity and efficiency stand out when the time comes to solve creative needs both in audiovisual works and in POP and graphics parts, among others, with urgent and highly demanding orders. She is skillful and highly effective in decoding customer needs. A pleasure to work with her«.
Barberis Clara, MultiChannel Marketing manager at Pfizer. Through Linkedin.
I had the pleasure to have shared various audiovisual projects with Belén, and in all cases the experience has been extremely positive, she works with agility, responsibility and creativity. In addition to her professional skills I value her respect for colleagues and her ability to generate very pleasant working environments«.
Betania Rabino, Costume and Stage Designer. Through Linkedin.
A real pleasure to work with Belén. She creates an environment in which everyone feels like giving more of themselves. And the final product is fabulous. She is a great professional!!!»
Charly Zicavo, Artistic Producer/Events. Through Linkedin.